Weight Stuck? | Not Losing Weight? | How To Lose Stagnant Weight & BREAK WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU

Weight Stuck? | Not Losing Weight? | How To Lose Stagnant Weight & BREAK WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU | 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Weight Loss Plateau
3 Reasons For Weight Stuck & 10 Solutions To Overcome the same.

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  1. I lost 8kgs in 10days with your Indian veg meal plan and 3 magic tea diet. I tried many ways to loose weight but no use. I regret that I got to know this versatile channel very late. Anyways, I got it finally. The great thing in your diet is even if I cheat any day the weight is stable and not increasing unlike other keto dietπŸ™„.
    We get diet tips from you at NO COST.
    You are a lady legend πŸŽ‰ Take a bow manπŸ‘

  2. My problem is that probably im undereating
    Im really short
    So my caloric deficit was calculated to just eat 1100 calories a day
    Now my body adapted to that amount of calories and i don't know what to do
    I lost my butt hahahaha and my body shape but im stuck and cant loose more weight
    Y'all have any tips?

  3. Hi Vicky….I almost lost about 10kgs with your diet plans. Thanks alot Hun😘. Kindly address my query.
    1.Can I have lime water with Himalayan pink salt during fasting period.
    2. Will it be effective if I consume cumin infused water(warm) with Himalayan pink salt on an empty stomach. I consume this during my fasting window and then start my eating window.

  4. Mamm,, I'm on intermediate fasting tooo ,,, diet toooo ,, no carbs but no change plz help πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ₯°πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅

  5. hi.. many times i hv asked u that..
    i am in ur egg diet plan,but the problem is with oats.. dont know how to take oats withot sweetner..pls help me.. and too much of eating egg
    (6 eggs) will not be harmfull

  6. Hey vicky…. I hope you reply to me this time…. am following your zero size diet drink…. am 105 kg… diabetic. But I can't control my hunger…. in the morning n evening…. in which way I can control my food intake…? Please make a video on my topic

  7. U look gorgeous 😘😘. By looking at your lovely face , people will love to listen to ur tips on weight loss and also force them to subscribe to your channel. All your videos are excellent. Lots of Love from India. BTW which city do you stay.

  8. Hey I'm following your egg diet exactly how you've shown it and it's my 4th day,I'm still not losing desired amount of weight which I'm supposed to..please suggest something?

  9. Dear Vicky
    I am following the egg diet and I am following it to the t, I even stopped taking tea beforehand so I can properly follow this diet and yet in 7 days I have lost only 2 kgs. I am so disheartened. I don't doubt the diet because it has benefitted so many people. I am the unlucky one here.
    Maybe for me it's never meant to be

  10. You read my mind haha. I am going through this phase while having your EGG Diet. It's my 7th day and I just lost 1.8kgs..followimg each and everything as you mentioned.

    I will try other diets, maybe.

  11. Hi mam. I'm 20 yr girl. I have used many diets and exercise. But it's been 6 yrs I can't even lose 1 kg. And I have PCOD. Could you please suggest me any best idea.

  12. Meri behen urdu me bta dain.english hamari zaban ni h .jo app urdu me smjha skty h wo english me ni..amerr logo ko pta huta h protien calcum ka garebu ko hi btana prta h or wohi like bhi krty h apk chenls

  13. Hi Vicky…Oats diet or 3 magical tea diet or Indian meal plan? Which one should I use for better results. Also will it be effective if I do them on IF? KINDLY RESPOND πŸ™

  14. Thank you SOoooooooo much Vicky <3 Me and husband were getting bulky and lazy day by day. But after starting your egg diet, we both have lost 4 kgs each in just 6 days and we cant believe how lighter we feel now. πŸ˜€ Tons and tons of thanks to you alone..

  15. Hey vicky thanks for this informative video… Please make a video on 2mad (2 meals a day)
    I can't do omad cuz it makes me constipated so i want to try 2mad but i don't know what to eat and how to split 1200 cals in 2 nutritious meals… TIA

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