Weight Loss Roti Recipe | Liquid Dough Oats Roti | 100% Oats Roti Recipe For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Roti Recipe | Liquid Dough Oats Roti | 100% Oats Roti Recipe For Weight Loss | Oats Roti For Weight Loss | No Oil – No Kneading – No Rolling Oats Roti | Oats Recipe For Weight Loss |
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Healthy Weight Loss Roti Recipe | Healthy Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner Recipes

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Tip: Try choosing rolled oats over quick oats for best results.

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  1. Beautiful.
    Pls tell me, I grinded oats at home in a blender but didn't sieve.
    My Rotis were breaking, is it because of maybe not very, fine powder?
    I grinded soft, but did I have to sieve then?

  2. hai vicky im following ur egg diet from last three days and lost 2.5 kgs & i have a doubt that can i have this receipe for dinner oat meal place in alternatve days please reply thanx in advance & love you vicky..😘

  3. I made this yesterday. It was yummy 😋
    I m looking for one of ur receipe where you have made a mithai using dry fruit and seeds. I tried looking everywhere but I couldn’t find it 🙈 help would b highly appreciated. I have made that in past too. X ❤️

  4. I made these this morning for breakfast. The only 2 ingredients I didn't have was the cilantro and carom/ajwain seeds. I ended up using some parsley from the garden. I put some thinly sliced chicken breast and a smattering of butter chicken gravy on one and added lettuce shreds. So good!! Though, these were very flavourful on their own. So easy and delicious and, no oil. Thank you Vicky!

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