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Top 5 weight loss tips from our Watford Ideal Weight Coach Deborah Harvey. Losing weight isn’t always easy, so having some tips and tricks at your disposal is never a bad thing. In this top five weight loss tips video, listen to Deborah Harvey, a seasoned weight loss coach to see if you too can pick up some handy weight loss advice.

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0:01 Hi, my name’s Deborah and I am the weight loss coach for Watford. What I would like

0:04 to share with you are my top 5 tips for losing weight or as one of my clients actually explains

0:11 some real great little nuggets of information, useful information to lead to success. So

0:17 here we go. Number 1. Think about your goals and objectives. What are you goals and objectives,

0:23 why have you decided to embark on a weight loss plan? What is it you intend to achieve?

0:30 How are you going to achieve it? Write these down and keep these safe, somewhere like in

0:34 your handbag or on your fridge as a constant reminder as to why you have decided to embark

0:39 on a weight loss plan. So number 2 is planning, think very carefully about what you are going

0:44 to eat for the day and plan either the night before or the morning as to what you are going

0:49 to consume and consume that food throughout the course of the day. Don’t allow yourself

0:53 to go hungry because when you are hungry that will actually lead to you grabbing something

0:58 which is possible not on your plan which could sabotage your weight loss. Number 3. Own your

1:05 own food. It needs to be on your own bowl, plate, cup or glass in order to consume it.

1:12 If it’s not then it doesn’t belong to you and even if you’re going to consume an apple,

1:18 or an orange or a banana put it on your plate, cut it up and enjoy it, because guess what,

1:25 it belongs to you. Number 4. Keep yourself well hydrated. Water will hydrate your organs

1:33 and help with your weight loss plan. One of my clients had a really good idea. Fill up

1:37 a 2 litre bottle of water and ensure that it’s consumed before the end of the day. Now

1:43 what she does is that she’s bought herself a pretty little glass and she’s fills it up

1:48 on a day to day basis until all the water has gone. Once it’s all gone, you can ensure

1:53 that you’ve actually drunk all the water that you need for the day. Last but not least,

1:58 number 5. Avoid those dreaded buy one get one free offers in the supermarket, unless

2:04 it’s something that’s actually on your plan. When you’re in the supermarket, just remember

2:09 to shop from the edges. Why? because round the edges of the supermarket are where all

2:14 the fresh and the frozen foods are. Think about it, it’s quite interesting. In the middle

2:20 of the shop is where you’d find lots of the processed foods. During the outside of the

2:25 shop, that’s where you are going to find a lot of the unprocessed foods and the food

2:29 that should really be on your weight loss plan. So there we are. 5 tips for you. I’ve

2:35 got a lot more but I think that’s enough to be getting on with for now.


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