Top 10 Secrets To Reverse Insulin Resistance Naturally

Hello Health Champions. If you’re watching this 
today you are probably insulin resistance because   That’s something that affects most of the world’s 
population today. So we’re going to talk about,   In simple terms, what insulin resistance really 
is and if you stay with me to the end and you   Really understand and apply these 10 secrets to 
reverse insulin resistance then you won’t have to   Be one of the victims. The biggest part about 
reversing insulin resistance is to understand   What it is and what it is not so first of all it 
is the most common disease in the world and it   Is also the disease that claims the most lives 
unfortunately it is also one of the most poorly   Diagnosed the most misunderstood and the most 
mismanaged but unlike what you will hear or   Read when you do a search into this topic they 
say that it is not curable it is not reversible   But that is a misunderstanding and the hopeful 
thing is that if you understand what we’re talking   About today it is also one of the most easily 
reversed conditions if we do a Google search   For insulin resistance it’s going to reveal the 
first problem because right away they’re going to   Talk about glucose they’re going to talk about 
glucose in the blood and they’ll explain that   Insulin resistance is when insulin doesn’t work 
or we fail to respond to insulin and therefore   Blood glucose increases and if you notice all the 
focus is on blood glucose but that’s not what the   Condition starts with that’s not the first thing 
that’s the last thing so what they’re saying on   This page is that insulin resistance leads to 
increased blood glucose and that is absolute   True I’m not disputing that in any way but they 
are starting with the last step they’re focusing   All about blood glucose that’s how they diagnose 
it that’s all they measure that’s all they treat   They’re missing the bigger picture and they get 
this backwards because if you’re gonna describe   Insulin resistance in one word it would be in 
my opinion it would be overload and when we   Overload the body with carbohydrate with things 
that stimulate insulin now we get a increase we   Get a high insulin level and that’s not so bad 
if it happens once or twice but if this becomes   Chronic if we do this every day or several times 
a day like we’re told to do we’re told to eat High   Carbohydrate meals many times a day with frequent 
snacks now this leads to insulin resistance and   Now we have a chronic condition but the blood 
glucose that they measure is the last thing   To focus on we need to understand that insulin 
resistance is a survival mechanism and it happens   On two different levels first of all it’s at the 
species level so if humans didn’t have the ability   To develop a little bit of insulin resistance we 
wouldn’t be as good at storing energy so back when   We were hunter-gatherers when we had a lot to 
eat maybe in the summer and not so much in the   Winter it was a good thing to be a little insulin 
resistant because that would allow us to overeat   And to store the extra energy for future use if 
we were a little extra padded with fat we could   Survive the winter better if you were super 
insulin sensitive and you couldn’t put on a   Lot of fat you might have a six-pack to show off 
but you may not make it through the winter but  

That’s not so much a problem anymore I think you 
would agree and the insulin resistance we talked   About today is more about the cellular level 
and that is what we need to have a look at so   When you eat something let’s say that you have a 
pile of food and you ingest that let’s call that   400 calories and let’s say that this is pure 
carbohydrate just for purpose of illustration   So that would be a hundred grams of carbohydrate 
that doesn’t sound like a whole lot because most   People eat many times that every day but we have 
to realize that this has to be absorbed into the   Bloodstream into our vascular system and we have 
miles of blood vessels and they hold a total of   About five liters of blood or about a gallon and 
a half but that entire blood volume if we have a   Hundred milligrams of glucose per deciliter that 
amounts to a total of about three grams a little   Bit more than half a teaspoon and if we convert 
that to calories that would be 12 calories of   Blood glucose at any given time and it is terrible 
it’s an emergency if we allow that to rise very   Much if that gets up to even double then we have 
very very poor glucose tolerance or system our   Physiology is basically broken we can’t handle 
where carbohydrate intolerant if that even gets   Up to 24 calories and yet we have to get these 
400 calories through the bloodstream quickly and   Some of this 400 calories will be used up in real 
time but most of it we have to get into the blood   Stream into the tissues and then store it so we 
can store it in one of two ways first way is that   We store it as carbohydrates so we basically take 
these glucose molecules and we chain them together   Into glycogen and now we can store them in a 
type of container if you will and the muscles is   One container and the liver is another container 
but all in all we can store about 1500 calories   Of carbohydrate in the body that’s all and I mean 
that sounds a lot compared to the 12 calories in   The bloodstream but if you realize that you use 
up about 2 000 calories in a day then your total   Carbohydrate wouldn’t even last you one day so how 
do we survive longer periods without food and that   Is because most of this is going to get stored as 
fat and these containers are not proportional by   Size or anything but the fat container can hold 
almost unlimited amounts of fat so if you’re very   Heavy you can have hundreds of thousands maybe 
over a half a million calories of fat stored so   The insulin takes the blood glucose it stores 
glycogen it puts the glucose into the fat cells   Where it’s converted into fat for future storage 
and insulin is a wonderful thing that allows us   To store this extra energy but I’m sure you’ve 
heard the expression that too much of a good   Thing is not so good and what happens if this 
container starts filling up if we eat a bunch   Of carbohydrate and we keep storing this because 
we’re always in over feeding mode then pretty soon   This container is going to fill up and once it 
starts overflowing once it’s full that cell says   For survival purposes that I don’t want anymore if 
you push more stuff into me then I’m gonna burst   And that is literally what happens eventually but 
before that happens this container starts leaking   It starts overflowing because we’re just pushing 
too much into it and it’s the excess insulin that  

Does that and then the body starts to resist the 
action of insulin because it says I’m too full I   Don’t want that insulin to push more stuff in me 
but the body is desperate because it has to get   That glucose out of the bloodstream because it’s 
extremely toxic to the brain you can get into   A coma with too much blood sugar so the body 
is desperate to get it out of the bloodstream   So it makes more and more and more insulin to 
fill up this container and the container says   No I’ve had enough and this is how we develop 
insulin resistance and this is where a lot of   People get confused because they hear that this 
is primarily a fat cell that gets filled up it   Starts leaking and it starts signaling that it’s 
insulin resistance and this message spreads to   Other tissues so it sort of signals a spreading 
tendency of insulin resistance in the body so   People erroneously think it’s about the fat cell 
therefore fat is the problem but again they get   It backwards because it didn’t start with the 
fat it’s not the fat that filled up the fat cell   It’s the glucose that through the influence of 
insulin was converted into fat so it’s the high   Carbohydrate consumption it is the high insulin 
level that stuffs that cell to full so insulin   Resistance is not caused by fat and this may be 
the biggest health problem we have today that   We have a fat phobia and there’s so much Recent 
research that says that the more saturated fat   You eat the lower your insulin levels the less 
insulin resistance the longer you live the less   Cardiovascular disease and the less inflammation 
you have so it’s exactly contrary to what we hear   Because we have a fat phobia we have decided once 
and for all the fats the bad guy and then we kind   Of stop using our common sense and understanding 
how physiology works but if it’s not fat causing   It what is it primarily and the number one 
answer is sugar because sugar is 50 glucose which   Stimulates raises insulin so starch and bread 
and rice it’s all glucose but sugar is even worse   Because 50 glucose raises insulin the other 50 
percent is fructose and fructose is very similar   To alcohol in the sense that fructose and alcohol 
can only be processed through the liver the   Majority the vast majority has to go through the 
liver and if we push all that volume that’s enough   Fuel for a whole body basically but we push it 
through a three pound organ then the cells of that   Organ are going to overflow very quickly and it 
used to be that only alcoholics could get a fatty   Liver but today it’s an epidemic of fatty liver 
and type 2 diabetes in kids as young as teenagers   Or even younger than that and for the most part 
I’m sure it’s not because they’re alcoholics it   Is because we feed them candy and cookies and soda 
so sugar and alcohol are primarily responsible for   Causing fatty liver and insulin resistance 
but there’s also a lot of talk about car   Carbohydrate and starch and why is that because 
once you have started to become insulin resistant   And your insulin levels are high and you feed your 
body starch now that starch turns into glucose   And you’re going to perpetuate you’re going to 
constantly drive that insulin level higher and   Higher and higher and to the extent that the 
body was ever able or wanting to clean out and  

Burn through that fat there’s no possibility of 
doing that with chronically High insulin levels so   Sugar and alcohol causes most of the problem but 
starches and carbs contribute to it and perpetuate   It insulin resistance is also not a mystery and I 
understand why the American Diabetes Association   Would post an article like this and say that 
exactly why a person fails to respond properly is   Still a mystery but this is more of a perspective 
that that they are used to science and logic they   Want to pin it down on a single mechanism that can 
Define once and for all there it is but if we step   Back a little bit and use some common sense and 
have a different perspective on the body and we   Recognize that the body is infinitely intelligent 
it is as smart as anything on the planet gets it’s   Way way way smarter than we are or will ever be 
it is perfect it is incapable of making mistakes   The only thing the body knows is to follow the 
laws of physiology to follow the laws of nature   So if we analyze the statement a little bit and 
we look at these two words properly and mystery   And we understand that physiology is as perfect 
as gravity it is a law of nature then it is no   Way there is no possibility for the body to act 
improperly right it only knows how to do things   One way and if we were to observe something that 
contradicted that if we observe gravity and then   One day we see a balloon floating up then if 
we understand that gravity is consistent and   Can only do things one way the perfect way then 
we would explain that Balloon by something else   We would understand that there are other forces 
at play there are other influences just like we   Would look at the body and say hmm I wonder why 
this cell is behaving that way and if we know   That it can only behave perfectly then we have to 
come up with another explanation and say maybe we   Are doing something that the body isn’t equipped 
to tolerate the body only knows how to adapt if we   Push it it’s going to adapt if we leave it alone 
it’s going to return to balance so maybe if we   Push it too far maybe we just have to undo what 
we were doing stop creating that insult and the   Body would return to balance and that is what we 
see happening and here’s what medical news today   Says we have to know about insulin resistance and 
it tries to outline what the current understanding   Is on how insulin resistance develops and 
they say first insulin loses its ability to   Support body cells effectively so what they’re 
saying is insulin resistance is where it starts   Right that’s the last step is there any Wonder or 
in such a mess if that’s our current understanding   Now first we induce a stress on the body then the 
body adapts over a period of many many many years   Often 10 years 15 20 years then we abuse the body 
it adapts it resists and then we get to insulin   Resistance which they think is the first step and 
why do they think that because they only focus on   Blood sugar number two they say at first the body 
responds by increasing insulin well that’s what it   Does all along when we eat too many carbohydrates 
and frequents meal that is when it responds with a   Lot of insulin then number three they say that 
eventually as the body becomes more resistant   Glucose levels go up the body can’t keep up when 
making more insulin and that is extremely rare  

Because most people who are type 2 diabetics they 
make tons and tons of insulin but it’s more like   The body’s intelligence again just throwing its 
hands up and said I don’t know what you’re doing   But there’s only so much I can do sure I could 
release more insulin but what would be the point   All we’re doing is we’re exploding these poor fat 
cells and number four they say that if we maintain   These high blood sugar levels then that can lead 
to pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes again only   Focusing on blood sugar as if it was the blood 
sugar that led to the diabetes rather than the   Insulin resistance and then they say this will 
happen unless we can get treatment and control   Blood sugar levels so you see the problem they’re 
focusing only on blood sugar as if that was some   Completely independent variable that had nothing 
to do with anything else going on or anything   Else that we’re doing but if we stop focusing on 
the blood sugar and we start looking at what does   The body adapt to over a period of many many years 
then it’s not a mystery and we stop focusing on   The blood sugar and we start looking at the whole 
system and the behavior and what they’re saying   At the end here is basically that if a person was 
able to get treatment to control blood sugar then   We might be able to avoid the pre-diabetes and 
the diabetes and this is the biggest fallacy of   All because the treatment is aimed at blood 
sugar not reversing insulin resistance and   Therefore insulin resistance treatment makes 
insulin resistance worse now at first it’s not   So bad it’s not my favorite solution but they give 
you metformin and what this does is it helps the   Tissues become a little more insulin sensitive 
so it helps bring some of the glucose down   Without increasing so much insulin but it doesn’t 
help reverse the problem in the least bit because   The problem is still that we were putting 
more in the system than it could burn up   And the metformin isn’t going to change that in 
any way it will just buy us a little bit of time   So the metformin will improve somewhat temporarily 
and it really won’t bring the A1C down but it will   Probably take a little bit longer before it gets 
worse but eventually it kind of loses its effect   Because we keep doing the thing that caused the 
problem and then the only solution they have left   Is to inject insulin or to give you something 
to stimulate your body’s own insulin production   And what’s the problem with that well the problem 
is that we were already doing something to create   Chronically High insulin levels so if you take 
fasting insulin test then a healthy level for   Someone who’s very insulin sensitive ideally 
insulin sensitive is somewhere between two and   Five and before they get to that point where they 
have where they give them additional insulin their   Insulin levels it are already at around 25 to 30. 
so they’re basically eight to ten times higher   Than a healthy level these people are not short on 
insulin they have too much they have way too much   And what happens now when we give them more we are 
making the problem worse because we’re giving them   More of the thing that created the problem in the 
first place so basically what we’re doing is by   Focusing purely on treating blood sugar then we’re 
making the blood sugar a little bit better at the  

Expense of Health at the expense of making the 
problem worse and if you seek help for insulin   Resistance the first thing they’re going to tell 
you is that it would help if you lost weight and   That’s probably true but you can’t because your 
insulin is too high and Insulin keeps packing that   Fat Cell full and now when they give you insulin 
when they inject insulin or give you something to   Stimulate more insulin they are automatically and 
every time making you gain weight so the treatment   Does the opposite of what they tell you would help 
to get healthy as a result you will most likely   Die sooner because this treatment of increasing 
insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome is   Going to increase two to three fold the rate of 
cardiovascular disease and stroke and Alzheimer’s   And high blood pressure and so on. If you enjoyed 
this video, you’re going to love that one. And if   You truly want to master health by understanding 
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