Tips In Safely Taking Laxatives To Lose Weight

Laxatives do not affect the digestive system so they are not primarily responsible for losing weight but they can be used as a means of eliminating water weight in the body. You have to incorporate healthy lifestyle, positive thinking and exercise along with taking laxatives to lose weight. You might be wondering how to lose weight with laxatives? Below are some tips in safely taking laxatives.

1. You can use them for weight loss especially when you are constipated. When you are experiencing constipation, you will experience temporary weight gain so it is best to use laxatives. This is very useful when you are attending a special occasion and want to fit into that elegant dress.

2. You can take just a gentle laxative in order to relieve the feeling of bloating that is accompanied by constipation. You will only experience minimal weight loss but it is also useful if you just want to lose a bit of weight.

3. As mentioned above, you will lose water weight when taking laxatives. Laxatives can also help you treat water retention. The best time to take laxatives to lose some weight and to relieve water would be during your menstrual period.

4. Use natural laxatives like fruits or herbal teas. They work hand in hand with diet and exercise. Doing these things will help you lose weight.

5. You can also use laxatives in the form of a pill. You may want to check your doctor about this if you are taking any medications. Laxatives may cause side effects especially when mixed with other medication.

Source by Fuad Tolieb

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