Think, Feel, Act! How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy


The way you think about food, is the first step to go through. Think about the way you feel about food. The environment in which you’ve grown up, media, family and friends, are most of the time responsible for the way you think and the beliefs there are about foot. But beliefs are changeable. “A believe is only a thought I keep thinking…”

We are surprised that you can find anything that you can eat! Because almost every food substance has had several books written about why you shouldn’t eat it… Food has become for so many people a struggle, instead of the fuel that’s nurturing your body and keeps you going through the day. If you feel that way, there is resistance in your body about this subject. Are your thoughts up or downstream? For example: “I can’t eat that, it makes me fat” is resistance. “My body knows how to respond on food and I choose the best I can,” is a downstream thought. Just think about it, how many thought you have on food. Start changing the way you think and let others believe what they want. You only have to watch the world and you know that these words are valuable. Because, what works for one, doesn’t work for another. It’s all about balance. Balance in the way you think, feel about yourself and finding the best program that leads you to your goals.

So, think… You have to come in alignment with the desire of losing weight. What we mean by that is, that a doctor or the world around you may say you need to lose weight for every thinkable reason. But if you don’t feel that way or feel resistance, you’re not totally present. Further, most of the time, there are root thoughts. And how to change them? Thoughts like: “I’ve tried so many times,” or “my mother or my grandmother are also overweight,” and all other past excuses. It’s logical and human, but this is what we call resistance. You deprive yourself of a healthy body, just because of this flawed premise. And of course we understand you, we were once there. Until we understood it’s a total package of thinking, feeling and inspired action. If you think or feel better about yourself and the chances in life, you feel more inspired to action!


How to change root thoughts? That’s more easy than you think. But because it seems to easy, people don’t believe this. Fact is, you have to be 100% in the present. That means, find peace where you’re and who you’re right now, and accept the choices you’ve made. And feel it! Just feel the relief! How hard you’ll try, you can’t change the past or others. Even a decision a couple of seconds ago, you can’t change! But you’re alive, here and now and your choices now, will shape your experience tomorrow! In understanding this simple fact, you’ll automatically turning your vibration from that point. You can feel the change in your feelings, if you pay attention to your thinking!


If you think and feel better, in the way that of course you can do it (release all your patterns and how others think), your vibration will change and you can begin to feel more love for yourself. You are good, just the way you are! And if you’re not glad with the choices you made in the past, accept them and choose again! You only have to remember one thing: “The foods you put into your body reflect the way you look on the outside and also the way you feel. If you get that, you’re on the right track. Try it, your life’s experience will tell you whether these words you’ve just read, are true for you. But start with a clean slate. Let go of every beliefs you’ve ever had or the beliefs of others. They’re not yours! If you’re ready to become the person you really are or want to be, you have to accept, that “what is…” and see this moment as a springboard.

Only “now” is important! The moment you read this, right here and now. Nothing else! You’ve more control over your life than most of the people give themselves credits for. That’s hopeful, you know!

You can start, right here, right now. Make a change, choose for yourself a better-feeling body and a better health. Do this for yourself, not for anyone else! It’s your natural wellbeing. It will reflect on your daily life and when you feel happy with yourself, you feel good, you’ll shine and you, feeling the best you can, is a gift for others! And we know the feeling of struggling, the days you feel that everything falls apart. But for every problem, there is a solution. And we found a solution, that gets you back on track. We so hope, that by reading this, you feel hopeful and inspired. You’re not alone in this! The whole future is in front of you! That’s the best part of life! You only have to remember one thing: “Your life is always a reflection of the way you think, feel and act!” Change this and see your world changing around you!

It’s time to start living!

So start to think, feel how you to think you would be feeling if you’re on the right track. And then, act. We recommend you the best solution and the best program, to combine with the way you feel and think! You can follow this link. See for yourself, you have nothing to lose, only some extra pounds. Take the first step…just try with a blank slate, and see for yourself…

Source by Jada Green

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