Power Protein Soup Recipe | Lose 4 Kgs In 10 Days | High Protein Soup Recipe For Weight Loss

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PS: This soup is very healthy & safe for all however Thyroid Patients may use soaked almonds instead of peanuts.

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  1. Macros;

    If one serving contains:
    150g of sweet potato
    Half a ton of lentils (approx 130g)
    15g of unsalted cashews
    Half a red pepper

    Then it’s no more than 300-350 calories

  2. Hi Vicky mam im ur big fan and I'm a pcos patients because of ur diet plans i lost 10kgs before and im waiting for ur new pcos diet plan it's a humble request to u i followed ur all pcod plan but we need a new diet plan on pcos plz mam

  3. Dera vicky, please tell if we can lose weight by only drinking protein shakes for some days and not eating any kind of food.
    Also, if it can be done, then which protein powder will be best for this

  4. Hi mam please make a vedio for Parkinson s patients my mother facing this problem since 8 years. your vedios are too good and very helpful. pl make a vedio for Parkinson s disease .
    Lots of love for u mam❤️❤️❤️

  5. Mam plz help me out,
    Can I do ur 7dys water diet…??
    Also I'm under hairfall medication due to vitamins deficiency, if yes can I take my medication or not.
    Bcz on low calorie consumption I'm not loosing weight, even ur egg diet doesn't help me, in 5 dys process I lost only half kg.
    I'm 5.6 with 75kg weight.
    Plz suggest me the best one

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