Our top Weight Loss Tips from Jenny Craig members

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We recently asked Jenny Craig members to share their top weight loss tips to help them reach their goals. We’re sharing the best tips anyone can try!

– Dine out with a plan – dining out doesn’t have to be something you sacrifice while trying to lose weight. With Jenny Craig you learn how to make the right, healthy choices ahead of time so that you can enjoy dinner out without any additional stress (and excess calories).

– Stay Organized – Plan when and what you eat to make sure you’re maximizing the hours when your metabolism is at its peak. With breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks on Jenny Craig you eat six times a day!

– Make it a family meal – Plan your family meals around what you’re eating. Use your Jenny Craig menu to simplify your life and plan family meals around your menu. Are you having fish and chips for dinner? Why not make fish & chips for everyone with a delicious side salad?

– Mix it up with fresh and free additions – With Jenny Craig’s Fresh & Free Additions, there’s countless ways to mix up your meals and add delicious additions to any meal.

– Plate your meals – Enjoy chef crafted meals that taste good and are good for you. Savor every bite and make it look like you cooked a delicious, healthy meal when you plate your Jenny Craig meals.

– Face your challenges and work with your consultant – We’re not perfect and with Jenny Craig you have a dedicated consultant for every step to help you face your challenges and celebrate the wins. We know weight loss is a journey, it’s your personal journey, but together we can help you meet your weight loss goals!

Watch What a day on Jenny Craig Rapid Results looks like next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE9gyHNiop8&list=PL3d29yjfqTUv20knCvSm5N4MOGdAaMyb-&t=0s&index=25

See how other Jenny Craig members overcame their weight loss challenges:

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Jenny Craig provides a one-on-one weight loss consultant to support your journey and delicious chef-crafted meals to help you see real results!

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I go into my consultant. I have the menu for the restaurant I’m going to. We go through the menu and we come up with a personalized plan for me for that week. Set on your calendar you’ve got to eat breakfast before 8:00 am. You should eat your snack before 10:30 pm. Actually schedule your meal times and commit to that.

I’m a big time list maker. I love making lists and crossing things off. Every time I ate something I would cross it off and it was just super easy to follow.

What I like to do is add a lot of the things that I made for my family to my meal. So I would have my dinner and then I’d also have a really nice lovely salad with cut up vegetables and my family enjoyed it and I enjoyed it.

I actually mapped their food schedule out based on what I was eating. You know if I had fish and chips for dinner, they had fish and chips for dinner. And it was a family process.

If you take the Jenny Craig street tacos and you add some salsa and some lettuce and you warm them up a little bit more, boom, you’ve got yourself a heck of a lunch.

The food tastes great. I mean I love it. And once you take it out and you start plating it, it looks like a gourmet meal.

A lot of times they’re afraid to tell us if they’ve gone off menu or if they had a struggle for that week. I am here to support you, not to judge you, and I’m here to teach you this new way of life.

I got to eat a lot of food and I got to lose 40 pounds like who would’ve thought?


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