Oats Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss | No Milk – No Sugar | Oats Smoothie For Breakfast/Dinner

Oats Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss | No Banana – No Milk – No Sugar | Oats Smoothie For Dinner/Breakfast | Replace Your Breakfast/Dinner with this Healthy Oats Smoothie Recipe to Lose Weight up to 5Kgs in a Week. Watch in Hindi https://youtu.be/EWnrNQarYu8

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This No Banana, No Sugar & No Milk Smoothie Recipe is Safe For All including PCOS, PCOD, THYROID, DIABETICS, PREGNANT as well as NURSING MOTHERS.

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  1. 2018 found out I was over weight & prediabetes…
    I used oatmeal with cinnamon for over Yr ..(no sugar..) & of course with IF
    N after 2 yrs i lost 30 KGS… ❤️❤️ N FEELING GREAT

  2. Thank you for the video. I was wondering if we can use this oats smoothie on your egg diet, in place of the oatmeal for dinner? If so, could we still use the dates? Or should we substitute prunes or berries for the dates?

  3. What types of oats here used..can i use quiker plain oats..and also i saw ur oats diet plan in that also can we use plain oats…..plzzz reply..

  4. Hii mam..!! I tried ur egg diet for one day i lost 1kg..!! I could’t try it further because i have vcps(heart rate issue) in which caffine tiggers it..can you please suggest me any other alternate drink which is caffene free along with this egg diet..

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