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Oats For Weight Loss #SHORTS #oatsforweightloss #oatsrecipe FB – https://goo.gl/5qQ8Xh Instagram – https://goo.gl/bLNUzu
Choosing the right Oats for 900 Cal Egg Diet. Best Oats to buy for Weight Loss.

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PS: Oats are a Wholesome & Heart-Healthy Food. They are good for everyone including PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetics, Heart Patients, Elderly, Children, Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mothers, etc.
Thyroid Patients should always opt for Gluten Free Oats.
For Oats/ Porridge/ Oatmeal on a weight loss journey, buy πŸ’―% rolled / steel cut oats without any sugar, flavors, or additives.

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  1. @ Versatile Vicky .. plz tell diet plan for people having thyroid and also gallstones. As i m the one dont know what can i follow i watch ur channel everyday for more than hour plz plz plz kindly tell something about this situation and i also had c- section 4 mnths ago but i am fine for diet and exercise just adding info plz guide or plz make a diet plan plzzzzzzzzz its a request

  2. Thank you!!…but when we add apple in oats…is it an additional from the ones we already took in as per the diet earlier in the day???

    Hope you answer me !!πŸ˜…I'm starting tomorrow..thank you anyways

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