Kalonji/Black Cumin Seeds Weight Loss Water | Kalonji Benefits | Kalonji Drink For Weight Loss

Kalonji/Black Cumin Seeds Weight Loss Water | Kalonji Benefits | Kalonji Drink For Weight Loss | Instant Weight Loss With Kalonji | How To Use Kalonji (Nigella Sativa) For Belly Fat Loss | Kalonji / Black Seeds Benefits.

Kalonji is also known as Onion Seeds, Black Seeds, Nigella Seeds & its scientific name is Nigella Sativa. This video will share the insights of Kalonji, its benefits, and a magical weight loss drink using it.
Black Seeds are safe for all including PCOS, PCOD, Thyroid as well as Diabetics, etc. Diabetics and PCOS/PCOD Patients however can avoid honey if you like.
It is a magical ingredient known to heal every disease except death. It is also very effective in Weight Loss as well as Inch Loss. You’ll see a great reduction in your waist as well as hip circumference, so all those looking for a flat belly and wanting to lose extra hip fat should definitely try!

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  1. Do I have to chew the seeds or direct swallow along with the water…. Plz reply….I want to reduce weight and gain more hair on scalp

  2. Hi Vicky..please make a video on how to cure severe hairfall especially after Covid & vaccination..I had thick curly hair but now I have extreme hairfall since 4 months😭

  3. Just ri8 now i tried this drink cuz i m following ur Ramadan dite trust me this drink really tastes amazing. At first i thought i won't like it but i m amazed it tastes really good.

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