How To Quickly Lose Weight While Keeping Your Lifestyle In a Balance

As much as we might wish it otherwise, there’s simply no magic pill to slimming down in under a week. That’s not to say you can’t slim down, of course. There’s just not a one shot, easy solution. Instead, it requires hard work, determination, a clear set of goals, and the right technique.

The right technique includes the right changes to your diet, as well as the right kind of workout. This will require a lifestyle change, there’s simply no two ways about it. You didn’t magically gain weight over night, so it would be ridiculous to hope you could magically lose it overnight, as well.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few tips that will help you lose the weight you can’t quite get off.

1. Try not to deprive yourself of food.

One of the quickest ways people fail at their diet changes is when they try to have far too little food. They get it into their head that in order to lose weight quickly, they should eat almost nothing. This never works, for two major reasons. First and foremost, when you start getting hungry you stop being able to think clearly. It’s incredibly hard to practice willpower when you haven’t eaten nearly enough. You’ll start mentally freaking out, and then you’ll devour as much comfort food as you can get, thus ruining your diet.

Second, even if you could avoid breaking down and splurging, starving yourself simply doesn’t work. It’s true that eventually you’ll start losing weight, of course. However, the first thing that happens is that your body goes into emergency mode. When you starve yourself, your body actually tries to maintain its fat stores as long as possible. This is because your body is fearful that it won’t get enough nutrients to survive, so it’s trying to make sure it can survive for as long as possible. So even if you avoid going nuts and eating far more than you should, you still wouldn’t be losing that fat.

2. Booze is a horrible idea. Try green tea, instead!

While green tea won’t get you drunk, it is a drink that will help boost the body’s ability to burn calories. Not only that, but since it’s leaves boiled in water, there are almost no calories what so ever to worry about. Alcohol, meanwhile, is almost entirely empty calories. There’s no nutrition in your alcoholic beverages, yet your body still metabolizes the calories and adds it to your fat content.

3. Move as often as you can!

While trying to stave themselves is the biggest reason people fail to change their diets, the second biggest reason is trying to exercise. Much like people get the idea that they should starve themselves when they try to lose weight, they also get the idea that they should try running for miles on end, and lifting all the weight they can get their hands on. Naturally, this winds up causing them to tire out quickly, become overly sore, and give up within a week or less.

Don’t do that. Instead, start small. Try jogging around the block every morning. Try walking where you might have taken the bus before. Try riding a bike to work, if you can. Start simple, and build up to more. That way, you won’t burn out too quickly.

Source by Kevin CK Lee

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