How to Lose Weight Without Diets

One way to lose a few pounds, or so a number of people think, is by not eating and although this is a way to lose a few unwanted pounds, it can have repercussions if carried out for extended periods and no doctor or dietitian would ever recommend doing this. They insist that only healthy weight loss diets are recommended, given the fact that excesses tend to leave the body weaker and almost defenseless when facing illness.

By healthy weight loss we understand the use of a diet that brings all the nutrients the body needs, with a minimum caloric intake. The correct diet is always supported by good sleeping habitsr and proper physical exercises that help you burn the extra fat deposits.

Often it is the women’s magazines which are to blame for promoting crazy diets based on little scientific fact expecting the overweight person to live on a specific type of food and then expect them to believe that this is a healthy weight loss plan. A particular ‘restrictive’ healthy diet that was favored for a while was the chicken, boiled vegetables, fruit and salad one that did not by any means supply all the daily nutrients our bodies need even though all of the foods were actually healthy.

Of course if you were to follow such a diet for any length of time you would not want to eat chicken again as it becomes boring and then you will rebel against a healthy food. If you want to be on the right track for your healthy weight loss, all you need to remember is not to eat foods with a high calorific value, keep up the daily physical activities, even if it is walking for thirty minutes, and make sure you sleep well.

Eating during the night when they should be asleep is actually quite common for overweight people and a doctor can tell a great deal about a person who does not sleep well. Many overweight people also suffer from stress which physical activity is known to eliminate and by eating healthily, calories will be lost but all this will go to waste if you are getting up in the night to eat.

Following the healthy weight loss system will definitely improve your sleep patterns, energy level and overall health. You must also keep a positive attitude to what you are doing by not being to critical of your progress as this can have a damaging effect on your self confidence and weight loss. Often boredom creates problems when dieting especially when someone tries to push themselves too far because they want to lose weight and keep to the same routine. Going to the gym is a good idea and can provide incentive when others around you exercise but it is easy to try to hard so why not try some swimming first which will help your fitness levels before you start at the gym. We all get fit at different rates as we do with losing weight so do not try to adjust your natural rhythm.

Source by Allen Wangs

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