How To Lose Weight: Some of the Most Effective Exercises To Lose Weight Naturally

Those interested in knowing how to lose weight would naturally want to know the exercises that give the maximum impact within the shortest time. The way to get your body to burn fat is to workout within a specific heart rate limit. If you enjoy the exercise, you will do it for a longer period at a higher intensity and will burn fat and shed those extra pounds.

Burning fat involves intensity and time duration of the exercises. Keep varying the intensity from mild to heavy. The interval form of training is recommended to keep you engaged in a variety of exercises that consume calories and contribute to enhancing your stamina, which again will help you work out for a longer period and thus burn more fat.

Exercising within 60 to 70% of the maximum heart rate region tends to consume more fat. Cardio exercises are a great way to burn fat. Walking at a fast pace and aerobic exercises are ways you can burn up those extra calories. Your heart rate will climb. Jumping, rope skipping and jogging are the other ways to exercise to burn calories and improve fitness levels at the same time.

Mixed training on gym equipments such as a treadmill, step mill and elliptical machine will show positive results. One usually starts off with a warm up and then progressively increases the intensity level, working out for a period of 2 to 4 minutes on each machine with rest in between.

Weight lifting is another way to build and tone up muscles and burn fat in the process. The ideal mix involves tricep dips, dead lifts, lunges and squats, all of which use more than one set of muscles and contribute to overall fitness. Move on to lifting heavier weights over time. Lean muscles adapt to extra load and you burn more calories in the process.

Another method is rather laborious and involves high-level cardio workouts mixed with strength or weight exercises with little rests in between. The heart rate remains higher and the body tends to burn fat faster.

For those who may not like working out in a gym, there is always the outdoors. You can do speed walking, jog, sprint and alternate between these as a way to become fitter and lose weight in the process. While outdoors you can try walking lunges, push ups against a tree or a wall and long jumps. High jogging involves bringing your knees up to the hip level as you jog along while low jogging involves kicking the heels back towards the gluteus muscles.

The key point is to exercise, engage in exercise that you enjoy and do it regularly. Of course, diet does play an important role and modifying your diet for a fat burning program helps you achieve your target quickly. Exercise enjoyably to remain committed to burning fat.

Source by Felix Godwin

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