How To Lose Weight Fast On The Morning Banana Diet

Have you heard about the morning banana diet? It’s one of the best ways to lose weight fast without deadly pills or painful exercise. If you could find a delicious way to lose weight, wouldn’t you try it? The banana diet is a cool and yummy way to start off your mornings with a banana and a glass of warm water. The rest of the day is controlled in any way. Just eat whatever you want.

Wait. You eat a banana for breakfast and lose weight. That’s it?

It’s hard to believe. But this weight loss formula does have a scientific basis and was devised by Sumiko, a pharmaceutical specialist and her husband Hitoshi Watanabe who had tried different ways to lose weight and did not succeed. They recorded and analyzed Watanabe’s various diet regimes and out of the observations emerged the banana diet.

The diet is so simple and easy to follow that people all over the world began following it. After all who wants to sweat hours at the gym or take green pills to lose weight when you can just eat a piece of fruit every morning and achieve the same goals. And a nice fringe benefit is that there are very few side effects or dangers in taking this approach.

Eating just one fresh banana every morning and nothing else till lunch was practical for many and it worked very well too. Rich in starch, fiber, potassium and glucose a banana is an ideal start to the day. It keeps charged up and satiated till your next meal and boosts your metabolism too.

But there are rules to follow to help you lose weight. First thing in the morning, sip on a glass of warm water. About an hour later, eat a banana. Wait for another half-hour. If you still feel hungry eat another banana. Now go about your daily routine.

For the other meals of the day, you may eat enough to keep you stomach from getting full. Aim for 80% fullness that doesn’t leave you stuffed. Eating a little less is always a good thing, according to ancient Japanese wisdom.

Avoid milk and alcohol during the diet regime. Also, eat all your meals before 8 p.m. You need a good 8 hours of sleep so, try to be in bed by at least midnight and no later. Sleep is the best medicine to keep weight under check and reduce the release of stress hormones.

That’s it. No hard diets to follow. No rigorous exercise regimes. Bananas are tasty, healthy, inexpensive and full of nature’s goodness. It’s easy to stick to the banana diet.

Source by Cumba Gowri

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