How to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Night With This Diet: Doctor Reacts

Hello health champions today we’re going To take a look at a video that talks About how to lose belly fat in one night If this works it would be a dream come True for billions of people How to lose belly fat in a single night Wow did you see that the transformation From one to the other in a single night Now this video got over 40 million views And it comes from a channel that has Over 10 billion channel views so I’m expecting for this to be some really High quality information belly fat is More than just an irritant that makes Your clothes feel tight How can it bring health problems you Might ask Here is the answer Some fat is there right under your skin [Music] While other is deep inside around your Organs liver heart lungs this type of Fat is called visceral fat and this is The very type which is bad even for slim People Now that was a little disappointing i Had been hoping for a real explanation But all they really said is that this Fat is bad because it’s deep inside and Because it’s called visceral fat now the Thing they did get right is that this is Also bad for slim people because it’s Not only about your Belly fat thin people can get this too

And here’s how that works when we have Things like stress Then we make stress hormones when we Have a poor diet Now we make other hormones especially One called insulin the stress hormones Called cortisol and the combination of Cortisol and insulin lead to hormone Imbalances And when we have hormone imbalances over A period of time Now we start to develop diseases So we do get diseases from these hormone Imbalances because any imbalance in the Body means something isn’t working right And this is what gives rise to these Different things And these hormone imbalances in this Poor diet and stress is also what gives Rise to this visceral fat But this doesn’t make the fat bad it’s The circumstances that give rise to the Fat that is bad but again you should Know the measure because too much of it Can cause high blood pressure heart Diseases and even some types of cancers When they say that visceral fat causes High blood pressure and heart disease And certain types of cancers they’re Falling prey to a common misconception Where we confuse The association of something with the Cause of something the people who do the Research on these things they understand

The difference between a cause and Association so in their papers they Always write associated with but then The people who write about the research Who are laymen or science writers they Always call it a cause because it sounds More dramatic but it isn’t a cause and It’s really important that we understand The difference between cause and Association because otherwise we don’t Know how to address it we don’t know how To reverse it if we don’t have that Clear so what are the actual causes well We have body stress Which is just a very general way of Saying imbalances and hormone imbalances And so forth like we talked about When we have body stress meaning We have hormone imbalances we have Toxicity there’s things interfering when We have deficiencies the body needs Certain things that it’s not getting That is a body burden or a body stress And then to that we add inflammation and We add Insulin resistance and when we have These together Then these are the things that cause Disease So Here We have the actual cause Not the visceral fat or anything like That so now

We get visceral fat and we get Cardiovascular disease We even get some types of cancer and we Get high blood pressure So These result From having these but then these things Also cause visceral fat So here’s where the confusion is that a Cause is a one-way street it goes from The causative factor to the problem but Visceral fat is not the cause of this That The Arrow goes both ways and when we don’t Understand this now we start attacking The wrong thing Now how to know if you have too much of Belly fat There is a straightforward way to do it Get a measuring tape and put it around Your waist Now if you are a woman and your waist Size is less than 35 inches relax Everything is fine however if it is more Than 35 inches then you definitely Should consider this diet And if you’re a man then the waist size Less than 40 inches sounds pretty okay While more than 40 inches should alarm You now while it is true that your waist Circumference your belly size is a very Strong indicator of visceral fat and Metabolic problems it is not the only

Indicator and as they just pointed out a Little bit before Slim people can get this too so you Could be super skinny and just have a Tiny little belly pouch and that is a Result of visceral fat even though the Rest of you is just super skinny and to Say that as a female if your waist is Less than 35 inches you have nothing to Worry about or the same thing for a male If your waist is less than 40 that’s a Bit simplistic too and when i keep in Mind that a lot of people watching this Particular video are actually kids so It’s going to depend on your size and Your age so what if you’re 12 or 14 Years old and you are 4 foot 8 or 4 foot 10 then that 35 or 40 inch waist is not Going to be a very good marker So rather than that we want to take a Look at just a few pieces of blood work And then match the two together and when They do blood work the very first thing They look at is blood sugar and It’s not a terribly good or bad marker i Would measure it because it’s so simple But it fluctuates too much and it takes 15 20 years before it really gets out of Control so a much better marker we want To look at is called a1c which is a Three-month average that can start Telling us if we have some metabolic Issues then another one that i talk a Lot about is insulin because that shows

Us more of the underlying problem which Is insulin resistance even if your blood Sugar is well controlled if it takes Five times more insulin than normal to Do it you’re still very insulin Resistant even though your blood sugar And your a1c are still looking normal And two more markers i like to look at Are Triglycerides And vldl Very low density lipoproteins And they are triglyceride carriers so These two markers go hand in hand but It’s good to have two ways of looking at It to confirm So you don’t have to get super Complicated about these but make sure That you get these on a blood test and Get them on your kids too because As we eat worse and worse and we eat More and more sugar and we move less and Less these problems start happening to People who are 12 13 14 years old as Well there are two types of shapes a Pair size when the hips and thighs are Bigger than your waistline and an apple Size when your waistline is wider than Your hips and thighs so you want to be The size of a pear or the size of an Apple well hopefully neither and i’m Sure this was just the slip of the Tongue they said size when they actually Mean shape because they talk about pear

Shape and apple shape where the apple Shape where you have your weight higher Up is usually associated with more Visceral fat and that wouldn’t be such a Great thing So if your measurements show that you Have too much of extra fat around your Waistline even if you are not obese or Heavy then you should consider some ways To say goodbye to it sounds like an Uphill task huh Don’t give up that fast you’ll be Surprised know that this task can be Accomplished within one day Now that’s so exciting i don’t know About you i’m on the edge of my seat i Can’t wait to see what this is going to Be so are you ready to hear the most Amazing diet ever Here’s how you can do it you should Start right in the morning 8 am drink a Glass of warm water with some lemon Juice in it good start after a couple of Hours take another glass of warm water With apple or orange juice in it all Right so let’s talk about what’s Happening here and why this might Actually work So if we wake up in the morning And instead of having breakfast we just Have something to drink That has no calories or no sugar or so Little that it doesn’t matter now we’re Going to basically continue fasting so

During the night when we don’t eat we Are fasting and then if we wake up in The morning and we have a big breakfast We’re going to raise blood sugar and This blood sugar is going to require Insulin and insulin is going to take That sugar into the cell and part of That is going to be converted to fat and As long as insulin is high it’s going to Be very difficult for us to burn the Body fat which is the purpose of this Whole diet and by only squeezing a tiny Bit of lemon Into the water let’s say it’s a teaspoon Or two that’s less than half a gram of Sugar and in your bloodstream is already Circulating three to four grams of sugar So another half a gram is not going to Make a difference it’s going to be a Blip that doesn’t even register so then We go another couple hours but next time We drink something according to the diet Now we mix in some fruit juice we have Apple juice or orange juice and they Don’t tell us how much but if we have 5 Or 10 grams that is pretty significant So now we get a blood sugar spike we get An insulin spike and we break this nice Momentum that we have it’s still going To work because we’re eating so few Calories there’s so little fuel coming Into the body so it’s still going to Work but this little spike here is Rather unnecessary it’s just to satisfy

The sweet tooth And it’s a little defeating because We’re trying to teach the body to burn Fat instead of carbohydrate and sugar But The body when it gets the sugar it’s Less likely to continue burning fat then At noon get yourself a cup of green tea Not bad After an hour you should drink a glass Of cold water with carrot juice in it at 3 pm take a cup of your favorite tea do You like it so far at 5 pm have a glass Of your favorite juice so we’re still on A pretty good track the almost fasting Continues And we have some more tea and while We’re having tea or water or coffee with No calories or sugar this line keeps Going down the blood sugar and the Insulin keeps going down and then we Have water with carrot juice again and We have another Little spike like we did before and then We have some more tea And we’re back on track But then for some reason they tell you To have your big meal of the day if you Will and you drink a glass of your Favorite juice And what happens now is they again don’t Tell us how big that glass is but It’s pretty easy to get 30 or 40 grams Of sugar in a glass of juice and you’re

Gonna get a pretty significant blood Sugar spike and insulin spike so this Still works because the calories are so Few but it’s unnecessary to Fluctuate to create this blood sugar Roller coaster you’d be much better off Actually Just having water and maybe having an Avocado or something that’s very very Low sugar And it’s still going to give you a Little bit of satisfaction after another Couple of hours take one more cup of Green tea At 9 pm grab a glass of water with Grapefruit juice in it we are almost There Finally after another hour at 10 p.m you Should finish the diet the way you Started it have a glass of warm water With some lemon juice in it and then After this you continue drinking tea and Then you have a little bit more of the Water with some juice and then you have The water with just some lemon juice Just a tiny spike insignificant blip So overall you’re basically not eating Anything it’s so close to fasting that You might as well just fast throughout The whole day And if you did that you wouldn’t have These small spikes of blood sugar and You’d probably be much better off Because the sugar just makes you hungry

And gives you cravings for things It is probably hard to believe but your Tummy will become flat in just 24 hours Moreover your body will get rid of all The toxins Wow a flat belly and get rid of all the Toxins in your body in 24 hours that’s Pretty amazing so it just makes me Wonder why am i spending so much time Explaining these things on my videos and Why did i waste all that time going to School when there are brilliant pioneers Like this just paving the way for Revolutionary breakthroughs but In the end it’s all about results right So did they get any results what are People saying so here’s one that says i Tried it and i lost two and a half Pounds So it worked right that must be proof That it’s working the next one says i Can’t believe it actually works i did This diet yesterday with high hopes And today i stood on the scale and i Lost three pounds so with those Fantastic testimonials it seems like This is really the thing right but let’s Talk about what actually happened So When you fast which this diet is pretty Much just pure fasting you’re not really Eating much of anything your body still Needs energy it’s going to use up about 2 000 calories and we’ll just use that

Number some people are going to be 1500 Some are going to be a lot more Depending on size and activity And some of that is going to come from Fat and some is going to come from Carbohydrate If you usually eat very low carb it’s Going to be a little bit more Calories from fat but if you eat like Most people like a standard average diet With bread and pasta and a little bit of Everything you’re probably going to burn About 50 percent of your calories from Fat and 50 From carbohydrate so a thousand calories Of carbohydrate is about 250 grams it’s a little more than Half a pound and where does that Carbohydrate come from if you’re not Eating any or if you’re just eating a Little bit of sugar you did get a few Grams through the juice but you’re still Going to need a lot more energy from Some place else And the body stores glycogen it takes These glucose molecules and it links Them together and it kind of builds a Tree And it puts that in the liver so you Have a little bit for backup and you Have enough glycogen to last you for 24 Hours or even a little bit more as you Start running out your body will start Conserving that and burning more fat but

Let’s say that you use up 250 grams Which again it’s a little more than Half a pound Of glycogen so first of all that is Where some of your weight loss is coming From but then what we need to understand And this is the key and this is why You’re going to lose weight on the scale Every time you restrict something for a Short period of time this glycogen which Is the first Backup fuel for the body Every gram of glycogen holds on to about Three to four Grams Of water all right so one gram of Glycogen holds on to three four grams of Water that means 250 grams of glycogen is going to hold On to three to four times that much So Right now we’re talking Two to three pounds Of water plus the glycogen and this is Exactly where the weight loss is coming From and then Furthermore you’re going to breathe out Several ounces maybe half a pound of Water you’re going to breathe out during The night as you’re sleeping and then Usually first thing you go to the Bathroom and you void your bladder so Two to three to four pounds is typical Any time you cut back in any way and

What about the fat then did we burn any Fat at all absolutely so half the Calories came from carbohydrate and half Came from fat So if you’re burning thousand calories Of fat there’s nine Calories per gram of fat so roughly 100 grams or 110 grams which translates To about three and a half ounces of fat So some people might say now well That’s a total waste of time i wanted to Lose three pounds well we have to Realize that’s not possible it’s just Not the way it works so 100 grams of Weight loss from fat is still pretty Good that’s how you can lose a pound a Pound and a half maybe even two pounds a Week and if you can continue doing that Steadily you have a solid weight loss Plan now the problem is that the plan Promoted in this video is nothing like a Solid weight loss plan it’s a one day Plan And furthermore it even though you’re Just burning a hundred grams of fat it Suggests that you can go from this to This in one day and it says you can go From this to this In one day or from this to this in one Day by losing 100 grams of fat let’s Look at a couple more testimonials or Comments here so someone else says I’m happy for you it’s commenting on one Of the people who lost weight i’ve

Always tried to lose weight because the Kids in my school bullied me And so did my dad and my brother i’m Trying this diet tomorrow and i wish Everyone else the best of luck with Their weight goals so This really got to me this is a real Thing there are millions of kids out There this video got 40 million views There are millions of kids out there who Are trying to lose weight they’re Insecure they have emotional problems They get bullied and then there are Videos that suggest that you can Transform yourself By burning a hundred grams of fat over One night and the problem is that the People who make these videos they don’t Have a license to lose they don’t have Any expertise they don’t have anyone to Be accountable for they just have to put Up a crazy video with some crazy claims And therefore they can get away with Outright lies In doing so they distort everyone’s Expectation they feed into this idea That we have through every magazine Stand and all the rumors and all the Diets that somehow you’re going to Create these miraculous results if you Just find this one little secret and Then the kids try this and they lose Three pounds and then as soon as they Start eating they gain all that water

Right back and now they’re wondering What’s wrong with me because apparently It worked on somebody else And now we feed into the idea that one Day diets are okay that they can create Results they get away with promoting Weight loss that isn’t fat loss and of Course everyone realizes because they Think this is just one day they think They’re going to get results they don’t Expect to ever having to do this again But this is not sustainable because this Doesn’t add any nutrients there’s no Plan in here for how you’re going to Sustain this so basically what they’re Training people to do Is to get on this eternal yo-yo path That everyone has tried and everyone has Failed and i know someone’s going to Compare this to intermittent fasting and Say that they’re the same thing so let’s Just look at them a little bit side by Side here That This diet that they’ve been promoting Here Is the best thing that you can say about It is that it’s almost a day of fasting But other than that it pretty much fits Every other useless diet out there in That it’s all about just eat less And they think that if you eat less then You’re going to burn calories but they Don’t understand that the body adapts

That you lose a little weight initially And then it comes back and you gain it Back and then some and in doing that you Set yourself up for an eternal Yo-yo pattern of dieting and these facts Combined with the fact that people don’t Understand what they’re doing this is What sets people up for eating disorders So If we ever want to get past this we have To start understanding how does the body Work what happens when i do this or that And what i talk a lot about is Intermittent fasting which is time Restricted you still eat food But because you focus on certain windows You end up eating less food overall but The whole focus is on real food on Eating nutrient dense foods when you eat So that you get all of your nutrients in But in a shorter time frame and when you Also start understanding the mechanism When you do something and you know What’s going to happen to the body and Why Then you can have realistic expectations That you know that a hundred grams of Fat loss per day is okay because it Translates into a pound a half A week and then as you learn about blood Sugar and insulin and you combine this Time restricted eating with low Carbohydrate or limited carbohydrate Higher fat

Now you’re stimulating less insulin You’re eating real food that keeps you Full longer and here’s the biggest Difference of all when we understand These things now we can turn it in to a Lifestyle we can do something that’s Sustainable Not a one day almost one day of fasting And then have no idea why all the weight Came back the next day and we tried Again and we yo-yo and we get frustrated And this next comment really got to me She says Seeing most of the comments remind me of When i was 13 and how i felt about my Body I’m now 22 and i still feel the same She still feels the same because nine Years later she hasn’t found any solid Solutions And then she ends with a positive phrase And she says we’ll get through this one Day But the only way that we’re gonna get Through this the only way that there’s Going to be some change is for people to Stop watching these stupid lies and for The people who know to start spreading The truth if you enjoyed this video You’re going to love that one and if you Truly want to master health by Understanding how the body really works Make sure you subscribe hit that bell And turn on all the notifications so you

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