How to Lose Arm Fat – 8 Exercise Tips to Finally Help You Get Rid of That Horrible Loose Flesh

Many people hate their flabby arms, fat biceps and triceps. The jiggle of the under arms due to the extra fat accumulated would be very uneasy. If you want to loose arm fat then you have to keep in mind that fat does not get accumulated in any single part of the body rather, it accumulates evenly in all parts of the body. It starts from mid section i.e. belly, waist, hips and moves to trunks, arms. So if you really want to lose arm fat then you should be thinking of losing overall body weight. Let us discuss the ways to quickly negate the arm fat easily.

To reduce weight in any part of the body you should have a proper planning. You need to have proper dieting habits. With out having good diet plans it is a waste to think about losing fat. You have to see that your food had less cholesterol content and is rich in proteins and nutrients. Try some food with high protein content and less fat. There are various diet strategies available and if followed can give you the desired results.

Now let us go to straight to some of the important exercise tips which are very helpful in losing arm fat.

The 1st tip is trying some pushups. Every one what push ups are, what they don’t know is that the pushups are very effective to strengthen your arms and lose weight. You can start as low as 20 pushups a day and increase based on your requirement and stamina.

The 2nd tip is trying some weight lifting. Weight lifting could be very useful to tone your triceps and biceps. The amount of weight you lift and the time you spend would decide the effect on your triceps and biceps. Overall, this exercise is quite good and handy to lose arm fat.

The 3rd tip is trying some triceps dips. This method is quite easy and effective. To start with, place your hands on a table and move your legs away from your hands then try to lower your body and then come back to your original posture. Do this routine for 15 to 20 minutes. This exercise would have a great impact on your triceps.

The 4th tip is trying some triceps extension methods. This should be done with the help of dumbbells. To begin with you have to hold one dumbbell in each hand parallel to the ground, your body and face should be straight, then lift your hands to your head slowly and then come back to the original posture.

The 5th tip is trying weight lifting backwards. Start with one dumbbell in each hand, both the hands facing backwards, after this you have to slowly lift your hands back wards. This is very good method for fast losing of triceps fat and gaining muscle

The 6th tip is to choose a fitness program in a gym or at home that help you lose all your body weight including your arm fat. As already told you have to lose fat all over your body in order to succeed losing arm fat.

The 7th tip is trying some stretching exercises especially if you are a full time worker who spends all day at a desk.

The 8th tip is pull ups. Pulling up your own weight over a horizontal bar can help a great deal.

Source by Johathan Pope

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