How Do I Lose Fat From My Thighs? – Fool Proof Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat & Get Your Sexy Legs Back

Have you ever heard someone call you thunder thighs? It is not hopeless to possess fat thighs nowadays because there are ways for you to tone your thighs and get rid of those stubborn fats that just doesn’t seem to go away despite all the efforts you make. This is not complicated at all since you only have to do the exercises that will enable you to tone and achieve an attractive contour of your thigh as well as burn unnecessary fat.

You should understand therefore that there are three basic or major areas located on your thighs. These are the:

* Quadriceps

* Hamstrings

* Hip adductors

It is important for you to develop all these areas effectively before you can achieve those shapely thighs that will enable you to wear short.

Quadriceps Exercises:

* Side lunge – Do this exercise for at least 5-10 repetitions.

* Step-up – This exercise should be done for at least 5 – 10 repetition for each side.

* Walking lunge – You can be liberal with this exercise as your endurance keeps you up. Do this exercise while walking across the room and this is ideal.

Hamstring Exercises:

* Lying leg curl – Several repetitions of this exercise is ideal until you feel that your hamstrings are already fatigued.

* Standing leg curl – You can make use of the gym that will enable you to perform this exercise so that you can add some resistance while you do this. Ankle weights are also ideal.

* Good morning – This exercise can also be done in several repetitions.

Hip Adductors Exercises:

* Leg Lifting – Repeat this exercise for at least 10 times on each side

* Standing Hip Adduction – The same repetition can be done as long as you are consistent on each side.

Source by Casey Gentles

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