Guys, Do You Have a Girlfriend With a Fat Belly – Help Her Lose it and Score Big Points!

You’ve got the greatest girlfriend. She’s cute, funny, smart, sexy and great to hang with. If she didn’t have that little roll of belly fat she might just be perfect. You know she worries about it, every woman does. How great would you look in her eyes if you found a way to help her lose it?

Come on Mr. Sensitive, you know you’d score big if you could help her find a way to get rid of that little roll of belly fat. Not only that, once she gets rid of the fat she is going to have a lot more confidence in her body and don’t be surprised if her wardrobe expands to include really tight fitting jeans and party dresses that show off that new flat belly look.

So you’re facing two challenges.

First how do you bring it up without ticking her off or making her feel bad? I’ve got a great idea for that one that I’ll share in a minute. Next you have to really think about how you lose belly fat. What works and what doesn’t. The last thing you want to do is start this little game and have it blow up in your face because it doesn’t work.

OK how do you bring it up? Well check out your own stomach. See any fat there? If you do then you’ve got the perfect lead in. Now you are the one who is concerned about your belly fat and you need her help in getting rid of it. You want her to become your support group.

So you bring it up casually but with obvious concern (you can fake that right) about how you look and how you feel. Make sure you add the “how you feel” bit as that will resonate with her. You’ve got this plan in mind but you know your weaknesses and you know you need a “buddy” to help pull it off.

This leads to grocery shopping together, more meals in together, exercising together and all the rest. Make it a contest where you both win. Set goals, not time tables, but goals like lose a half inch, full inch etc. When you hit a goal, celebrate but understand you can’t celebrate unless you both hit the goal. This puts pressure on both of you.

OK so what if you have six pack abs and this strategy won’t fly. Well then you invent a client or a friend of a friend or whatever that did this with great success. Yes it’s not the truth but what the heck. Then ask her what she thinks about support groups and work your way around to volunteering to be hers.

Now that you have the commitment you need to find the plan that burns fat and gets results. There are so many diets, machines and pills that flood our airways and the internet and the question is what works.

Well the quick answer is losing belly fat and keeping it off is not about fad diets, pills or “Thigh Buster” machines. It specifically is not about crunches and situps or any other exercise that targets specifically the abdominals.

It is about correct nutrition and whole body workouts. You need to learn what to eat and that can be tough on your own. The grocery is packed with “health food” that is loaded with sugars and salt. Our regular diet is loaded with saturated fats. Knowing what the most efficient fuel for our bodies is the biggest part of losing any fat and belly fat in particular.

Here’s a very basic rule about fat burning. Muscles burn fat. Exercise makes more muscle tissue. Muscles burn fat. Do you see where I’m going here? The most efficient way to burn fat is to use as many of the large muscle groups as possible when you work out. Now this can be a real heart-pumper like mountain climbing squats, or a simple balance exercise. The level of intensity depends on your existing condition and that of your girlfriend.

You can have fun with this. Make more dates exercise dates. Speaking of mountain climbing, have you ever climbed a wall. Many mega sports stores have rock climbing walls and it’s a blast. If you’re lucky enough to live where it’s warm, give two man kayaking a shot. You get the idea.

Of course for this to work you’ve got to really like this gal because it’s going to take as much effort from you as it does from her. But then there are those exercise dates at her place that might just make it all worth while.

Source by Rachel Willson

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