Good Riddance to Belly Fat For Good

It’s long past time to say goodbye to belly fat, isn’t it? Put the days of feeling embarrassed and self-conscious about your belly fat behind you. Belly fat is some of the hardest to get rid of, and it’s going to be hard work, but it will be so worth it.

No more ill-fitting clothes. No more wearing different sizes for different parts of your body because of your waist size. Put an end to looking lumpy. Eliminating your excess weight around your midsection will free you up to buy the kinds of clothing you’ve always wanted to wear. How’s that for motivation?

Belly fat is difficult to get rid of, and some people even have a genetic coding that tells the body to store extra fat in the midsection. Look at your family members. Could you classify them as having this genetic problem? Are they apple shaped instead of pear shaped, with more belly fat than any other kind? Are they carrying their weight around their waists? If you find yourself answering yes, you can probably assume that a big belly is a genetic tendency for your family and you will likely have to deal with it, too. However, simple lifestyle changes will make a world of difference for you.

To start, you will need to examine your whole lifestyle. Changing your diet will most likely be the number one change that you will need to make to start getting rid of, or preventing, your belly fat. Stopping the consumption of empty calories, like alcohol and colas, candy and cookies will go a long ways towards improving your life.

Natural, restful sleep-and lots of it-will bring levels of the hormone, cortisol, back into normal range. Cortisol makes it hard for your body to burn fat by slowing the metabolism. It is created in over-abundance when we are under stress, so reducing your stress levels is vital, as well. Stress management techniques, like meditation, are quite helpful in this case.

And, of course, we can’t go without mentioning the value of exercise for melting away excess weight. Other than strengthening the abdominal wall, which gives you that flat, smooth belly everyone admires, there really is no way to spot train the belly. You can do crunches to strengthen your core, but overall exercises will go a long way towards melting belly fat away, along with any other fat that may be present. Eliminating belly fat and having that strong foundation in the abdomen will improve your posture as well as your general outlook. Standing taller just seems to go hand-in-hand will feeling better.

Getting rid of excess weight will improve your life, no doubt about it. Having a taller, leaner frame, new clothes that fit your body as they should and make you look sharp, better health-all these things go a long way towards enjoying your life much more enthusiastically. No more lumps and belt overhangs for you! Eliminating belly fat has so many life-affirming benefits. Lose the excess weight and regain your life!

Source by Susan K Johnson

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