Get Them To Stop Teasing You – Get Rid Of Your Love Handles

Anthony stopped midway through his joke at the PTA meeting when the audience threw him stares: he had unconsciously scratched his stomach, which lifted up his shirt a bit, and out came a small bulge of his hairy tummy. “Love your handles,” someone said, and the stares became muffled laughter. Anthony was supposed to be making a point through a joke, and did not want to be the joke itself.

At home, at home, among friends, it’s not uncommon to be teased outright or through quiet stares about your love handles. How can anyone not notice the shapes that define your midsection? Love handles assert themselves through your clothes, they can hinder your movements.

If you want them to stop teasing you, then get rid of your love handles. But then you can purchase the most expensive and newest exercise machines, or the most advertised weight loss drug and get nothing after weeks of use. Your midsection might as well be married to you.

This means you can do a workout suicide and do a thousand crunches and not see anything like a firming up. If you want to know why, this is because your abdominal muscles are hidden beneath accumulated fat–your love handles. Get rid of the love handles, get rid of the teasing. It’s that simple.

Three solutions need to be combined to address your abs’ swells.

1. Study the popular diets until you end up choosing one that’s good for you. You may want to consult a health care professional for this. Anyway, everything you consume has some amount of nutritional value to it, some measure of calorie content and fiber content. You have to be choosy so you don’t end up consuming more calories that end up as unburned fat around your waistline.

2. Strengthening workouts, get into them. You work your muscles up so you burn more fats and end up toning your muscles. So when the fats have been burned, you end up with nice-looking abs.

3. Aerobic workouts. These will even amp up your body’s rate of fat burning, that is, aerobic workouts plus the strengthening workouts and the diet. The diet prevents more fat coming in, the workouts increases your body’s rate of burning fat, and the result is weight loss, a ceasefire on teasing, and no more love handles.

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Source by Jack Mathers

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