Get Rid Of Puffy Nipples

The physical condition known as puffy nipples affects nearly one in three males worldwide. Symptoms can start at the onset of puberty, and last far into adulthood. There are many different causes behind puffy nipples and just as many solutions. If you are looking for information about getting rid of puffy nipples is important to first find out what is the cause of the puffy nipples. Naturally, speaking with a qualified physician should be your first course of action, however before speaking with physician first take a small inventory of your life and some of the potential puffy nipple causes so that you and your physician have a good foundation to start the investigation from.

Getting rid of puffy nipples first requires that you get to the core of the problem. A man’s nipple becomes puffy from either increased fat deposits, or enlarged glands behind the nipple area. The puffiness can also be caused as a result of both. To make matters more complicated the fact and the glandular tissue can be intermixed with the fat tissue makes a proper diagnosis and treatment slightly more complicated.

Surgery is the most common, and the most costly solution for getting rid of puffy nipples. Its popularity is due to its near 100% success rate. The most important variable in the success rate of the surgery is choosing a qualified surgeon. When choosing a surgeon for getting rid of puffy nipples be sure to look at before and after photos of their patients. You should not only look at photos taken immediately after the operation, but also photos taken several months after the operation has taken place. This will give you a general idea of the surgeon’s surgical skill, and whether or not they are fully capable of making their work look natural.

With an unskilled surgeon a patient runs the risk of their nipples having a “caved in” appearance. This is a result of poor chest sculpting. When a surgeon removes glandular or fat tissue behind the nipple they must then sculpts the fat and muscle around the nipple to produce a natural shape, otherwise the chest is left looking as deformed as it was before the surgery.

There are also lifestyle causes of puffy nipples. For instance bodybuilders who take steroids in hopes to bulk up on their muscle mass often find that the steroids have a secondary reaction in their body causing puffy nipples. This can either be corrected through surgery, or through hormonal treatment. Starting with the discontinuation of steroid usage.

Adolescent boys are susceptible to puffy nipples because of their wildly swinging hormone levels. This is a natural occurrence that the boys tend to grow out of as their hormone levels become more stable. There is really no reason to treat this condition and adolescent males, as it works out by itself over time; and any treatment may in fact damage their body in the long run as it is not yet fully developed.

There are even cases of pre-adolescent boys developing puffy nipples. The cause of puffy nipples in pre-adolescent boys is attributed to the use of Lavender essential oils. The exact mechanism is unknown, however it is generally agreed upon that Lavender essential oils will cause breast development in young boys; as such it is highly recommended that any cleaning products, soaps, or house products that contain lavender scents or essential oils should be avoided. Luckily getting rid of puffy nipples when caused by lavender oil is very easy; simply discontinue the use of Lavender oil.

These are just a few of the possible causes and ways of getting rid of puffy nipples. If you are one of the many millions of men affected with this condition consult a physician to discuss your case. Using the above information is a guideline you and your physician should be able to pinpoint the root of your problem, and devise a proper treatment solution.

Source by Brian Mancow

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