Get Rid of Cankles – Here Are a Few Things You Can Do to Shrink the Fat Around Your Ankles

It’s time to get rid of cankles…the pesky leg problem that kept you from wearing your favorite dress to that special occasion. If you’re a women or man who has problems dealing with the dreaded cankles problems, then you’re not alone. Study shows that more and more people, especially women are having difficulties with their self esteem due to the fat around their ankles. This condition is when your calf merges straight with your ankles is known as the pesky “cankles”.

There are a few reasons why you might have cankles. Your genetics from your own family tree can play a big part of why you having cankles. So if see any of your siblings walking around with cankles, then don’t feel so bad that you have them.

Poor dieting, lack of exercise, and water retention can also cause you to have cankles. If your diet is not currently a good one then you should take action immediately if you’re trying to get rid of cankles. Cut down on the salty foods such as French fries, pepperoni, pretzels and replace them with good healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Go to your local pharmacy and spend a few bucks on a particular pill called Horse Chestnut to help you get rid of cankles. These pills will increase the desire for body blood vessels to hold the fluid in them which will help with water retention.

You should already know that exercise not only help you look and feel younger, but it will also help get rid of cankles. Try to squeeze in a 20-30 minute jog in your tight schedule, three times per week. Park a little further when shopping at the mall so you can walk off some calories. Take the stairs to the office instead of the elevator, even though it might not seem like an extreme workout, but doing all these little things on a regular basis will burn fat and calories to help get rid of cankles.

Remember you must take action everyday in order to get rid of cankles problems. Simply by just switching to a better diet and adding more physical activities in your life will help get rid of cankles and that pesky problem will soon disappear from your life.

Source by Diana Rosie

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