Flaws In Fixing The Right Portion Size

Are you quite the pro at watching your meals? Eating selectively is rarely helpful if your portion size is not quite proportionate.

You could be cramming down a certain food a lot more than you should. Result? Your attempt at losing weight is futile. The diet is a muddle and contributes nothing to a pink and hearty health. Do you know what’s worse? A shrink in appetite is far-out. Instead, you pig out and snack on pretty much anything.

Overindulging in any food, healthy or not is no good. The effects of following a health-giving diet are less likely to be observed. Not sure how you are slipping on your portion size? Let’s look at a few food options you tend to go overboard with.

1. Flavored creamers and top-ups in your cup of java

Kick-starting a day without a steaming coffee brew sounds unthinkable? Little do you realize that the cup of Joe could be one of the most fattening parts of your diet. Popping a spoonful of liquid creamer certainly boosts the flavor of caffeine. But, the sugary add-on kicks up your weight.

2. Cooking sprays

Have you recently switched up your cooking habits? Not basting your food in butter or oil certainly rewards you with blooming health. But, are you a bit too frenzy using cooking sprays? Calories in cooking sprays are no less. Using the spray sparingly for each serving is recommended.

3. Cereal

Cereals spring up as one of the most loved breakfast options. Do you quantify and measure how much cereal to pop in a bowl? Maybe not! Not keeping tabs on the serving size is not valuable. You could be chowing down 2-3 servings in one go.

4. Fruits

The goodness of adding fruits to a diet is not unknown. However, knowing how to select the right fruits and how much to grub on matters big. Fruits too contain heaps of calories and fructose. Consuming large portions of fruit every day makes diet and restrictive eating a pointless venture.

5. Dressing drizzles on salads

Snacking on salads is prudent and wholesome. Do you like having more dressing on the side? A delicious dressing certainly peps up the flavors of a salad. But, are you aware of the countless calories in a dressing? Sticking with two tablespoons of dressing per serving is the right pick.

6. Luscious chicken breasts

Cramming down lean protein keeps you in top shape. But, is it befitting to feast on a whole chicken breast for your meal? Definitely not! Portioning out the protein is crucial in keeping a diet on a healthy roll. 3-4 ounces of chicken is an ideal serving. Do not miss considering the calories in poultry.

7. Bread

A multi-grain veggie or chicken sandwich for breakfast – sounds filling and delicious, right? As much as you are comfortable thinking of multi-grain bread as diet-friendly, too much of anything wrecks your healthy-eating habit. Loaves of bread are abundant in calories. Gobbling two or more slices along with some protein could be a bummer. Cut down the size of your serving instead.

Restricting food portions contributes to thriving and blooming health. Hogging food mindlessly is not a healthy approach.

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