Carom Seeds For Weight Loss | How To Use Ajwain Seeds To Lose Weight | Ajwain Water For Weight Loss

Carom Seeds For Weight Loss | How To Use Ajwain To Lose Weight | Ajwain Water For Weight Loss | 3 Weight Loss Drinks using Carom Seeds / Ajwain | 3 Simple & Easy Carom Seedseeds Drink For Weight Loss
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  1. Mam last 7 days I am following your diet plan mixed together, i.e one day egg diet, one day veg diet(pumpkin and tomato soup) one day nonveg diet, one day chiken diet only sun day I ate rice . I eat lots of veggies , drink lots of water like jeera water, chia seed water, basil water .I was suffering joint pain from last few months, but now there is now pain in my body, the credit goes to u mam, I don't know my weight but I can feel more energetic. Within few days I will start exercise. Then I will update u mam. Thank u for your diet chart

  2. U are an angel in many people's lives♥️♥️♥️ Never ever feel down because of some stupid barking people… People have habbit of putting others down when they can't reach their level or are simply over jealous… U are an amazing person and a very intelligent woman♥️♥️ More Power to u♥️♥️ Come back soon with ur amazing Videos… We are waiting ♥️♥️

  3. Hi Vicky! Thanks for all your efforts to make these amazing videos with your soothing voice…
    I m looking for a low GI diet plan. I couldn’t find one on your channel. Can I please request if you haven’t done one yet. Thanks in advance. Much appreciated 🙏❤️

  4. Hi Vicky how r u?I don't know how to communicate with you so I m texting u here….u took some gap for ur new vedio I m concerned of everything fine ….post something Yaar….will feel better. u r an asset with full of positivity for us.need reply asap

  5. Vicky I love your diets so much!! Can you make a diet to gain muscle and lose fat (for someone who exercises with weights) I saw your protein shake diet was for people weighing 70-80kg but I am 46kg so I don’t know if I should follow or not? Thank you!!!

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