As a Gainer, Belly Fat is a Big Problem

…Of Humans And Horses

Humans are somewhat like horses in that, if they are left by themselves with the feed bin, they will founder. For some reason, most horses and humans just don’t know when to quit eating. At least this is true in my case. I am what you’d call a gainer as opposed to those scrawny people who eat as they please and still can’t gain weight. They are called hard gainers because they have difficulty gaining weight and I suppose they don’t want to be called losers. As a gainer, I can merely smell my wife’s lovely cooking and gain weight-sigh.

Gainer Belly Fat

My biggest problem is gainer belly fat, that’s where I, as a gainer, tend to gain most of my weight. My gainer belly fat, along with my skinny legs and no butt makes me look like a caramel apple on a stick. I am often caught between two desires-well, perhaps three if you include pigging out. The first desire is to get rid of my gainer belly fat because it makes me look bad and attaches to me the stigma of being lazy and unambitious. The second, is the desire to get rid of my gainer belly fat because it is an indicator of lurking heart disease, stroke and renal failure. Not to mention diabetes and blindness.

Why Gainer Belly Fat Is Worse That Other Types Of Fat

Gainer belly fat is much worse than gainer fat in other areas of the body since the blood flows directly from the abdomen to the liver. The triglycerides stored in abdominal fat interfere with the livers ability to process insulin which results in the high levels of insulin in the body. These elevated levels of insulin constrict the arteries and boost the blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure stresses the capillaries in all the major organs including the brain, retinas, and lungs.

Gender Inequality

If you are a gainer, you do not have much control over your genetics or where your fat is stored. Generally, though, men store fat in their abdomen, back, and chest so gainer belly fat often is more of a danger to men than women. This probably accounts for why men suffer more heart attacks than women.

Controlling Weight As A Gainer

Getting rid of gainer belly fat would be easy if there were a way to change your body’s genetics from gainer to “normal” but there is not. As gainers, we must learn to manage our weight rather than “cure it”. There are many exciting new ways to manage your weight other than the traditional daily low-calorie grind which can leave you feeling trapped and miserable. Intermittent fasting is one unique way to conquer gainer belly fat. In essence you eat every other day and fast in between. It’s a bit more complicated than that because there certain things you do eat on your fast days.

There’s also dieting every other day which is somewhat like fasting except that you simply go on the low-calorie every other day and eat normally in between. The net result is reduced calories without feeling trapped because you get to eat normally every other day. I liked these techniques because for me they are sustainable both as a weight loss method and is a way to maintain that weight for the rest of my life and finally get rid of my dangerous, gainer belly fat.

Source by Christian Walker

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