3 Cardio Exercises for Love Handles

We’ve heard all the terms: love handles, muffin top, spare tire – it all comes down to the excess subcutaneous fat that forms over your lower abdominal region. The difficulty of getting rid of this unappealing roll of skin has frustrated many. Hundreds of exercises and diet plans have been created with promises of getting rid of the love handles, but very few have been effective.

The problem is that most people still follow old-school methods. They think doing hundreds of traditional sit-ups and crunches can help them get rid of stubborn belly fat. But our bodies don’t work like that. We can’t spot reduce, meaning we can’t choose where we want to get rid of fat.

The secret lies in overall caloric expulsion. We want to burn as many calories as possible – this is accomplished with high intensity cardiovascular exercise.

Intensity is really the key. The goal is work outside of your comfort zone. When you rev up your high heart rate, you turn your body into a calorie burning machine even when the workout is done.

Here are three simple cardio exercises for love handles you can do anywhere:

1 – Burpees

Burpees have been around for a long time and for good reason. When done properly, it is an incredible bodyweight exercise that provides an exceptional resistance and cardiovascular workout. The exercise combines a squat, pushup and a vertical leap. Start off standing straight. Squat down to the floor and place your hands on the ground. Kick both legs back as you lower your chest to the floor (like a pushup). Now push off with your hands so you can bring both feet back in. Now explode up vertically and jump as high as you can with your hands in the air. Do this exercise continuously. Even ten repetitions will get your heart pumping. It’s all about epoc training.

2 – Mountain Climbers

I don’t think many people know about mountain climbers. This needs to change. This incredible cardiovascular exercise can be done in one spot and can help tone your upper body while revving up your heart rate. Get in pushup position with your hands extended fully. Keep your hands underneath your shoulders. Now, bring one knee up to your chest and bring it back. Bring the other leg in. You want to alternate bringing your knees up at a fast pace. Try and do this for a minute and watch your heart rate skyrocket.

3 – Jump rope

There is not much to say about this exercise except that it works. Get a solid skipping rope and start getting your rhythm down because for the exercise to be effective you need to go at a quick pace. Skipping really gets your heart pumping and will help you build great overall coordination. If you want to incorporate some resistance, get a weighted skipping rope and get ready for your arms to burn.

Source by Srdjan Popovic

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