10 Honey Brands in India Ranked from Worst to Best (Dabur Honey Purity Test Review)

10 Honey Brands in India Ranked from Worst to Best Fit Tuber | Dabur Honey Purity Test Review | Top Honey Brand In India | I received an email for the promotion of Dabur Honey. This is an Audience Awareness Video. Wanted to update you guys. Watch it for more details.

Just To Update : The fellow Youtuber has deleted/taken down the video, IDK under what circumstances. It turned out to be a mistake supporting a Youtuber. Next time I’ll be cautious! Thanks for all your support.

Fit Tubers video for reference (WHICH HAS NOW BEEN DELEGTED FROM YOUTUBE) – https://youtu.be/4mEAJq09Iq0
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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! This is the very first video I have come across your channel, and I subscribed immediately. I really appreciate this Honesty! So rare.

  2. Respect to u lady. Accidently came to this video of urs today. Couldn't believe that u actually said NO to money and yes to peoples health. Saw the video twice to confirm 😂 Not many will do this. Im ur subscriber now. I deserve all our respect n applause to u. 👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Interesting information by the presenter. Kudos to you for exposing Dabur on unethical practices.

    I support CSE's reports on various Honey brands selling spurious honey. How big brands in India are fooling around on the basis of their Marketing Muscles (high advertising budgets)! 

    Another reason is the gullible and unaware Consumers/Buyers. They feel proud to buy famous & highly advertised products. Even if you try to open their eyes and make them aware individually/ face-to-face, they will not believe you or reject you outrightly thinking that you are a supporter of MNCs and against a national company like Patanjali or Dabur.

    If Dabur says its honey is world's largest selling honey, they are openly deceiving, misleading and telling a LIE to UnAware Indian Consumers. 

    World's largest honey producer and seller brand is Forever Bee Honey which is Kosher certified. They don't outsource their honey like Dabur, Patanjali, Saffola, Apis, Himalaya and many others. The company maintains its own Apiaries with zero pollution and contamination of water, air and soil. Kosher is a Globally recognised and accepted food testing agency from Israel.

    Instead of False claims in media, WHY NOT Dabur, Patanjali, etc. get their honey certified from Kosher, Israel? Indian Public is unaware about Kosher. If they seek Kosher certification, every Indian honey brand will fail to pass their test. So, these companies can easily sell their adulterated honey with lousy & desi fssai certification that is not so strict, followed by advertising bombardment. 

    Indian Farmers involved in Beekeeping, reveal the reality of these branded companies. These commercial companies buy their honey in bulk. 

    20% of their honey is mixed with 80% of cheap adulterants like corn syrup, etc. and pasteurized to increase the shelf life. Now this branded honey is not only adulterated and harmful but also Dead Honey because Honey contains Live Enzymes. On heating for pasteurization, all the enzymes become dead. This honey becomes cheap due to mixing of 80% cheap adulterants like Chinese sugar syrups. Hence, you can often find Discount offers like Buy 1 Get 1 Free sold in twin packs.

    If a company or brand is making too much Noise in media by advertising extensively, it means it is hiding the truth and suppressing the facts. Instead of Wasting millions of Funds on advertising and celebrity endorsements by paying them crores, these companies should utilize their capital funds on creating a better and high quality product that really benefits all the consumers.

    Creating a Trustworthy Brand is always much better in long run than having a Controversial & Misleading brand. 
    Businesses are not built for short term gains.

  4. I actually wanted to dislike the video as soon as I clicked the thumbnail.. but then I saw that I had already subscribed Ur channel very long ago but was not a regular viewer of your channel.. then I waited for 2 min to see how come I have subscribed 2 channels with such contrast opinions, which is actually not.. I really feel that I'm on the right path of consuming right content after watching this video..u are among the very little YouTubers who are genuine but more than that, u also support some genuine YouTubers..

  5. It's becoz of Fituber that I switched back to cloth pads n am not only doing good to my skin, but environment also.

    Kudos to Vicky and Vivek! We are with you guys.

    V for Vicky. V for Vivek. V for victory. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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